Windsor Castle and Eton

The largest occupied castle in the world and one of the homes of Queen Elizabeth II, our current queen. A huge complex with lots of interesting parts to visit. One of the highlights is St George’s Chapel with its magnificent Gothic architecture, its royal tombs and all the history of the highest order of chivalry. You will learn about royal weddings, Garter Day and absorb some of the history of this imposing castle. There is a splendid dolls’ house to admire as well as the sumptuous and rich interiors of the State Apartments with the paintings, sculpture, suits of armour, furniture, tapestries and royal memorabilia. The Drawings Gallery holds fascinating exhibitions which are well worth visiting. There are views over to Eton College and if time allows, it is possible to visit the town of Eton, a charming small town with a vivid history.

The largest inhabited castle in the world – © Royal Collection.