Royal Greenwich

There is so much to see at Royal Greenwich. You could easily spend a whole day here.

The Royal Observatory where astronomers were able to carry out their investigations into the heavens. You can visit the interior of Flamsteed House, the home of many famous astronomers and learn how Britain became a great trading nation through perfecting the art of navigation at sea.

The Meridian Line. This is 0 degrees Longitude, where east meets west. This has been the Prime Meridian of the World since 1884. You can learn how the Longitude Problem was solved and discover more about those who made significant discoveries to aid navigation at sea.

Old Royal Naval College – Originally these buildings were used as a hospital for seamen who were retired or injured. Then they were used by the Royal Naval College from 1873. You can visit the wonderful architectural masterpieces of famous architects such as Sir Christopher Wren and his assistant, Nicholas Hawksmoor. You can visit the magnificent Painted Hall with a ceiling by Sir James Thornhill and the Chapel which was rebuilt by James Athenian Stuart.

The National Maritime Museum reveals much of the Britain’s maritime history. It is vast and holds nearly 2.5 million items. Highlights include the magnificent ceremonial barge made for Frederick, Prince of Wales and the jacket that Lord Nelson wore when he was shot at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. You can learn also about early English colonies, the voyages of Sir Francis Drake, Captain Cook and Ernest Shackleton. You can also visit the new Sammy Ofer Wing with its special exhibitions gallery and the permanent exhibition entitled ‘Voyagers.’ This is a great day out for the family and lots of fun.

The Cutty Sark is now in dry dock and opened to the public in 2012. She is raised 3 metres above the ground and is covered by a dramatic glass canopy to protect her from the elements.

The Millenium Dome. Built as a temporary structure to house an exhibition entitled the ‘Millenium Experience.’ Now called the ‘O2’. This is now a huge arena which houses all sorts of concerts, sporting events and ice shows. Originally designed by Richard Rogers, one of Britain’s leading architects.