Many will wish to visit this beautiful small city and learn of its ancient history. This is where Christianity began in England 1,400 years ago and Canterbury Cathedral is a wonderful place to visit whether as a visitor or as a worshipper. The soaring pillars of the nave and the magnificent vaulted ceiling are really awe-inspiring. You will learn about the murder of Thomas Becket in the 12th century and how this resulted in pilgrimages to the cathedral. The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, our 14th century poet is just one of the many pieces of great literature which relate the stories of those visiting the shrine of St Thomas. The cathedral has other treasures such as the tombs of the Black Prince and Henry IV and his wife , Joan of Navarre. The city of Canterbury has Roman history too and some visitors are keen to learn more about the advent of the Flemish and Hugenot weavers who arrived during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Other places to visit include the Weavers’ Cottages, the Poor Priests’ Hospital, Greyfriars and St Augustine’s Abbey. Of course, today’s modern Canterbury has plenty of fine shops and restaurants to explore and shopping is a delight in the cobbled streets of this superb city.