To visit Oxford is an inspiration. The University of Oxford, the oldest in Britain is in the heart of this small city and the college buildings are incredibly beautiful with colourful histories. If you come to Oxford, you will learn about college life, see the main buildings of this venerable institution and learn about famous Oxonians who have lived and worked here. Your visit might include a walking tour to visit the Martyrs’ Memorial, one or more of the Oxford colleges such as Christchurch College, a stroll down cobbled streets full of students’ bicycles, tea or lunch in a quiet picturesque spot and perhaps even a punt along the river in Oxford. You will learn about the architects of the main historic buildings such as The Sheldonian Theatre, the Radcliffe Camera, the Divinity Hall, the Bodleian Library (one of the oldest libraries in the world) and the Examinations Schools building. You will hear some of the legends surrounding the founding of Oxford and hear and possibly wish to visit some of the famous pubs with strong literary connections. The Ashmolean Museum, the world’s first public museum is a veritable hoard of interesting treasures and has featured in many TV programmes including ‘Inspector Morse’ and the film ‘Shadowlands.’ Some of you may be keen to see the magnificent dining hall at Christchurch College where scenes from the Harry Potter films were shot. Cognoscenti Guides will tailor the tour to your interests, be they more academic and historic or more contemporary.