Why choose Cognoscenti Guides?

‘People, places and language are three major interests for me and a career in guiding offered me the opportunity to combine all these interests. Having recognised the importance of learning as much as possible about a new place when you visit it for the first and (possibly only) time, I was motivated to offer a bespoke and professional guiding service for those clients who demand the very best. Cognoscenti Guides was created to provide such a service and offers you the optimum way to explore vibrant London and the beauty of the south of England. It will be our pleasure to show you the very best of English heritage and explain some of the fascinating history of this wonderful island.

Today, Cognoscenti Guides has set a high bar in guiding standards and has rapidly established itself at the top end of the guiding market for discerning visitors to the UK who demand the highest standards of service. Should you need a top quality French speaking guide or a top quality English speaking guide, look no further than Cognoscenti Guides.’