Introduction to Cognoscenti Guides

“Cognoscenti Guides prides itself on offering a ‘top drawer’, bespoke guiding service to discerning clients. Visitors can expect entertaining and informative guided excursions to places of historic and contemporary interest in London and in south and central England. Cognoscenti Guides offers guiding both in English and in French from university-educated guides who possess very high levels of fluency in those languages. Cognoscenti Guides will communicate interesting points of detail and will tailor the day to the interests of the client. Clients can dictate the tempo of their day or week and select their own itinerary if they know what it is they wish to see. They may wish for Cognoscenti Guides to provide a tailor-made itinerary for them which will be varied, fun and interesting. We aim to ensure that clients travel in comfort at all times and can arrange for luxury cars when that is required. In short, the aim of Cognoscenti Guides is to provide an excellent, professional and tailored guiding service to those who value the advantages of having a private guide. We will always offer you a very warm welcome and help you to have a memorable and enjoyable trip to England. ”

Louise M Chapman BA Hons (Modern Languages), MA (Applied Linguistics)

Cognoscenti Guides offers a highly personal guiding experience designed specifically for each individual client’s private itinerary. Our clients benefit from the planning expertise of our guide consultants as well as their knowledge and linguistic skills. We offer fluent French speaking guides as well as English guides and combine luxurious guiding with historic context. As no one individual client is the same, so it is that no one guided itinerary is the same – clients receive precisely what they want and are not constrained in any way, shape or form. Our services are totally tailored to the needs of the client.

Having a Cognoscenti Guide presents opportunities that would simply elude the casual visitor. Whether you are an individual, couple, family unit or small group, Cognoscenti Guides will aim to ensure that you achieve the optimum from your visit to the UK.