Hampton Court

A wonderful, extensive palace where King Henry VIII and later King William III and his wife, Mary. There are magnificent ceilings to look at and finely woven tapestries to admire. Children will love Hampton Court since there are costumed interpreters pretending to be people at King Henry VIII’s court which makes Hampton Court Palace all the more entertaining. You will learn the history of the kings and queens who have lived there over the centuries and be able to marvel at the centuries old hammerbeam roof in the Great Hall. The Tudor kitchens are interesting to see – King Henry made sure his kitchens could feed 1,200 people in his household. There are scores of famous paintings in Hampton Court Palace and they tell the story of life within the palace. There is a maze to explore, beautiful gardens and, in total, 638 acres of parkland to admire. A visit to Hampton Court Palace is a fun day out for the family or for visitors without children.